Antonio's Casual TF2 Server

Hostname Antonio's Casual TF2 Server
Status Checked 20 minutes ago / Online 18 days ago
Players 0 / 32
Location United States of America
Version 6623512
Platform Windows
Map ctf_2fort
Registered by egsAntonio
Registered since September 5th, 2021 10:03 AM EST
Last update September 5th, 2021 10:21 AM EST

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Official map rotation, with a plethora of fun and gameplay commands at your disposal.

- Generally don't be an asshole.

Default Player Commands:
- !discord - Invites you to the discord. Joining our discord and completing the verification process (as pinned in the #verification channel) gives you access to more fun commands on the server.
- !viewid - Pastes your unique ID to verify yourself in the discord.
- !helpmenu - Opens a comprehensive help menu.
- !maprate - Rate the current map.
- !maprating - View map ratings.
- rtv - Have all users vote on the next map.
- nominate - Nominate the next map group and subsequent map.
- !votekick - Vote to kick a player.
- !votemute - Vote to mute and gag a player for 10 minutes.
- !votemenu - Access the menu of available voting options.
- !votebots - Vote to set how many bots should be on the server to fill a given quota.
- !calladmin - Call an admin to report a player.
- rank - View your in-game rank, points, and average KDR.
- /elo_notify - Enables/disables kill/death notifications.
- top10 - View the top 10 players on the server.
- session - View your session stats.
- !tp - Toggles to third person point of view.
- !fp - Toggles to first person point of view.

Discord Member Commands:
- !taunt - Access the taunt menu.
- !australium or !aussie - Equip australium versions of compatible weapons.
- !killstreak or !ks - Customize the killstreak effects on your weapons.
- !ccc - Customize your name, chat, and tag colors.
- !buildinghats - Enable/disable hats on your buildings as engineer.
- !rerollhat - Rerolls the hats of your currently active buildings as engineer.
- !paint - Customize the paint colors on your compatible cosmetics.

Hope you enjoy!