Team Fortress 2 Update 3214643

Posted on January 8th, 2016 03:14 PM EST
An update to Team Fortress 2, version 3214643, has been released on Steam.

The major changes include:

  • Fixed some random client crashes related to memory exhaustion for Mac clients
  • Significantly reduced memory usage on Mac and Linux clients
  • Added LBTF2 6v6 Season 12 and LBTF2 Highlander Season 3 tournament medals
  • Added the ability to restore festivized weapons via the context menu
  • Fixed an issue causing maps with packed assets to occasionally have pink textures when played on servers using sv_pure
  • Fixed the Australium Minigun and Australium Scattergun materials
  • Fixed objective names in deathnotice HUD using white text when the local player was involved
  • Fixed the Quick-Fix Medi Gun not healing the Medic after switching away from the Medi Gun and back while the charge is draining
  • Updated the model/materials for The Bolted Birdcage, The Scrumpy Strongbox, Pirate Bandana, The Crone's Dome, The Hat With No Name, The Gaelic Garb (now paintable), and A Well Wrapped Hat (new paint style)
  • Updated The Frenchman's Formals so it can also be equipped by the Scout and added a new paint style
  • Updated the backpack image for the Taunt: Soldier's Requiem
  • Updated the Man Melter so extinguishing a teammate will return 20 health to the Pyro
  • Updated Mad Milk and Mutated Milk so both grant a 20% cooldown reduction when used to extinguish a burning teammate.
  • Updated the server log entry for kick votes to include the ID of the vote initiator
  • Updated cp_vanguard to fix an exploit related to spawn room doors
  • Updated pl_snowycoast
    • Fixed several unintended perches
    • Fixed being able to damage through the setup gates
    • Added some fences & cover inside BLU's first spawn to reduce spam angles
    • Added an extra resupply in BLU's first spawn and RED's last spawn
    • Moved medium health kit at 1st point back towards BLU's side of choke
    • Changed collision on large railings to allow projectiles
    • Added some cover to the sentry platform inside last
    • Adjusted lighting/detailing at stair to 2nd point low flank to make it more obvious
    • Quonset hut sniper deck raised
    • Spawn locations in RED's first moved further from the door
    • Added windows to main entrance of RED's first spawn
    • Adjusted the narrow fence near RED spawn
    • Prevented building teleporters at the edge of spawn doors
    • Fixed an exploit related to BLU's 2nd forward spawn's entrances
    • Added some logic to prevent players getting stuck when RED's first spawn closes
    • Changed how RED spawn moves players to their last spawn when 2nd is capped (no longer slays & respawns)
    • Replaced dump truck in kennels with crates
    • Door near RED's first spawn now opens as the cart approaches 2nd instead of after capture
    • Switched main exit and window on RED's last spawn
    • Adjusted placement of health and ammo near RED's last spawn
    • Fixed various floating props
    • Fixed some texture alignment issues in the tunnels
    • Fixed spot on last ramp that would keep the cart from rolling back
    • Fixed some smoothing/geometry problems on crates at last
    • Reduced size of kill zone on falling crates during finale
    • Added map menu photos

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